The Name Says It All

The name of CAPSA is a Portuguese word, which in English means BOX. The Object (BOX)
signifies people having characteristic of being analytical, perfectionist, focused, believes in
Long-term goals, and therefore, delivers highly qualified services to its customer base in the agreed period.

The founders of the Company were having characteristic of CAPSA therefore the company was named after such Character. The same Characteristic is being followed among all the team-members of CAPSA.

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Success Story

We have executed more than 100 projects in the United Arab Emirates, undertaking complex challenging projects and completing them successfully, and on time. Our experience of executing key projects in the U.A.E. has helped us establish excellent working relationships with both local and international contractors, and especially ADNOC and its divisions. We stand out with our excellent track record of projects for ADNOC, where we’ve delivered every project on time and according to the highest quality and HSE standards. This has made us a preferred partner for such companies, as ADNOC, ADWEA, & other Authorities.


To become a recognized engineering, procurement and construction company in the Middle East, executing EPCs and specialized construction projects in the fields of mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and control systems.


To complete every project safely, on time, with high quality, within budget, and to the total satisfaction of the customer.


Why Choose Us


ISO Certified

24/7 Support

In- House Resource

100% Success Rate

On Schedule

11 +
Years of Experience.
200 +
Inhouse Resources.
100 +
Completed Projects.