We build domain specific Data Lenses that enable discovery of Intelligent Insights from Enterprise Data Assets

MCERT Certified Realtime Environmental Pollution control and analysics system for Industries. Data acquisition and Analytics Platform for Continuous Online emission, Ambient and Effluent monitoring

Industry’s High-speed automated Data Migrationm Disaster Recocery, Workload Migration and backup solution for secured enterprise Data lakes.

Industrial IoT Platform which performs Edge computing, decvice management, real-time stream processing, AI/ML modeling and feature engineering workbench. and decision making using predictive analytics.


End to End Digital Transformation Solution Provider

Deep Industrial IoT Experience

Over 7+ Years working with verious Manufactures in India, US and UAE over various IOT and industry 4.0 Solutions.

Digital Technology Experts

Deep experience in Big data Lakes, Cloud Implementations, Blockchain, IoT and Mobility

Dedicated AI Team focusing on IoT

Dedicated Team focusing on AI/ML Use cases for solving specific Manufactiring Industry Problems

Deep Domain Expertise

Deep Expertise working with worlds major manufactures on various digital and Industrial IoT Initiatives and implemented cGMP and 21 CFR part 11 solutions

Industrial Automation Experts

Expertise with Working for integration DCS/SCADA/PLC Automation for large manufacturin industries

Industrial IoT Hardware

Full spectrum of Industrial IoT Gateway, Data Diodes, I/O Modules